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50 Summer Jobs for College Students

50 Summer Jobs for College Students


If you have been looking for the summer jobs for students, then you are at the right place. For a number of college students, the summer vacations are mainly for having some fun in the sun or summer loving, as it is commonly referred. But summer is also one of the prime times for earning some extra cash and even learning certain important lessons about responsibility and hard work. Summer is a great opportunity for beefing up one’s resume and gaining that important work experience. It does not matter the kind of job you are looking for, whether it is an internship at some established companies or a part-time work opportunity in your locality, this guide will give the best summer jobs for students like you. Identifying these flexible and fairly paying summer jobs needs the job seekers to put in some kind of effort, which is why this site exists. We are here to assist you in cutting down on the effort and time it takes to cover some of these jobs. Here are some of the best summer jobs for students.

  1. Assistant Summer Camp Coordinator


This job pays between $9.30 to $18.45, and it basically offers help to camp coordinator and directory with organizing and planning summer youth sessions.


  1. Web Content Specialist


In most cases, the payscale for this kind of job is between $12.60 to $28.48. the job involves carrying out research and creating content that relates to public relations for a given site. It might also require photography and writing skills.


  1. Temporary Office Manager


This is one of the best summer jobs for students as you will only be required to manage scheduling, monitor inventory and make sure people comply to safety, and walk away with an amount that is between $11.02 to $20.83.


  1. Tour Guide


Tour guide is also a popular summer job for students. The main role of the student here is to offer tours to various travel destination. Being a seasonal job opportunity, it best suit students who want to make some cash during the summer holidays.


  1. Environmental Field Technician


This summer job for students involves working out in the field taking samples and carrying out lab duties, processing samples and preparing the ones that should be shipped. This is one of the best seasonal job for those who want to earn some summer money.


  1. Events Assistant


As an event assistant, all you will be expected to do is to plan and host events. This summer job for students also involves other general administration duties.


  1. Summer Camp Educator


You can make between $9.16 to $18.68 for just developing and creating activities for children during the summer. If you have been looking for some of the best summer jobs for students, then this is a great one.


  1. Records Clerk Summer Job for Students

Here, you will only be required to offer assistance to an organization with a moving electronic management record system. As part of the summer job for students, you will be working with vendors on the organization of physical storage and scanning.


  1. Customer Service Representative


As a student, you can make between $9.01 to $16.75 by just working as a seasonal customer service representative during your summer holidays. Your responsibility would be to respond to incoming calls and offer customer service in solving various problems.


  1. Movie Theater Attendant


For college students, this is another way of earning money during the summer holidays. Apart from earning, there is no college student who can resist a good environment, with freshening smell of popcorns.


  1. Car Valet Summer Job for Students


This is one of the best summer jobs that can earn a college student quick cash at nights or during weekends. Just for a few hours, you can make it home with a price between $50 to $100 in tips.


  1. Fast Food Employee


Food business is one of the most flourishing businesses, especially during the summer holidays. As a student, you can make some extra cash before you get back to school.


  1. Summer Camp Chef


Your main work would be to make menus and preparing various meals for those who are camping. It is one of the most fun and best summer jobs for students.


  1. Golf Player Assistant Summer Job for Students

As part of a team, your work would be to ensure that the play’s speed for gold rounds as well as the driver range operations are controlled.


  1. Stand-Up Padding Instructor


Padding is fun, but did you know it could be one of the best summer jobs for students? Apart from monitoring compliance and activity, you will also be promoting and managing stand-up padding classes.


  1. Summer Botanical Field Technician Job for Students


Your work would be to carry out vegetation surveys including clearances for rare plants. This is one of the most educating summer jobs for students. A student who has an experience and a knowledge in Botany is best suited to work here.


  1. Lawn Care Summer Job for Students


Although it is quite hard, this is one of the best summer jobs for college students. To get started in this career, you might need some initial investment before you begin. This is one of the ways you can make some money during summer.


  1. Farm Labor Summer Job for College Students


This is one of the jobs that aren’t hard to come by, especially if you reside near the country. There are so many farmers who require some sort of assistance, and opportunities are wide here. Bailing hay is one of them.


  1. Law Firm Runner


The legal world is operated quite differently, and many students, even those who aren’t taking law might want to learn how it works. If you are good at ordering Starbucks, for instance, you can make some extra cash during the summer vacations.


  1. Retail Sales Associate Summer Jobs for College Students


Did you know you can dress up, get to listen to more than 500 “No, thanks, I’m just looking” in a day? Yes, that’s how retail sales associate job works. This is an opportunity for commission as you are waiting to resume back your college classes.


  1. Baby Sitter


This is one of the best summer jobs for students where you go to love the kids first. It’s an opportunity for making many at someone’s house simply for taking care of their baby. Changing the diapers is part of it, so get prepared accordingly.


  1. Cashier Summer Jobs for Students


This summer, you can earn money using your brain instead of the brawn. You can improve your math skills by trying your hands on this best summer job for college students.


  1. Car Detailing


Car detailing summer job for college students rewards some good cash by just learning some little skills in waxing on and waxing off.

  1. Animal Shelter Associate


If you don’t feel like spending your summer times next to people, then you can still do it next to animals and earn. This is one of such opportunities.

  1. Server Summer Jobs for College Students


Those who are doing this job are also known as waiters and waitresses. All you need to do is to know your menu, be honest and efficient and you will be good to go. You will spend your summer talking to people and making cash.

  1. Grocery Stocker Summer Job for Students


There is not so much stress and hustle that is involved in this summer job for students. There are so many jobs found in the grocery or market store that you do such as cart person, checker, stock person, or bagger.


  1. Camp Counselor


The camp counsellor is one of the best summer jobs for students. Although they might not pay well but you will get your room and food. It is one of the most rewarding because of the kind of experience that is gained along the way.


  1. Referee or Umpire Summer Jobs for Students


With knowledge in sports and some confidence, you can make some extra cash during your summer holidays. For just a couple of hours work, you can make some money and also grow your sports talent.

  1. Lifeguard Summer Job for Summer


Here, you will be required to work along with other responsible professionals and make some money during your summer time. It can be one of summer favourite jobs.


  1. Theme Park Attendant


Since summer is all about fun, this is the best summer job for college students where you will enjoy the vacation and still earn. You will get an unlimited supply of corn dogs and free rides, and make some easy money.


  1. Mover


Mover is one of the best summer jobs for college students, especially for those who own a truck. It is also a good for someone who might be looking to beef. If you lift up those heavy load for the whole summer, your body physique shall have improved.


  1. Odd Summer Jobs for College Students


Working for companies and other people day, day out can also be tiring at times. If you need some quick cash to make over the summer holidays, get in touch with Craigslist and you will be sorted.

  1. Travel Blogger


If you are a student that has a wide social media following, then here is an opportunity for you. You can work with various travel publications or even use your own social media platforms to catalogue your world experiences.

  1. Freelance Web Designer Summer Jobs for College Students


This job is for those who have a good understanding of sites like Squarespace and WordPress, and has an interest in coding. Grab the opportunity and make money.


  1. Online Tutor


You can make an hourly average wage of $19.57 when you work as an online tutor during the summer holidays. Online tutor is one of the best summer jobs for students.


  1. Touring Musician


Students who are studying music or have some knowledge in music can make an hourly wage of $42.92 as touring musicians during the holidays. You can also join the touring bands and make extra cash.


  1. Owning a Business


This is an opportunity that is mostly open to students who have gained some entrepreneurial skills. You can look for a small startup and maintain it to earn some cash during the holidays.


  1. Golf Caddy Summer Jobs for College Students


There are several local golf courses that are looking for golf caddies during the summer months. You can make money here during the summer months.


  1. Beach Jobs


If you are looking for a best summer job for students, and one that would require less responsibility, then several beaches offer jobs ranging from beach cleanups to tending to the food service areas.


  1. House Painting


Several real estate rental owners and house painting businesses would love to work with college students to paint both the exteriors and interiors of homes. If you are detail-oriented and would like to earn some cash, then here is an opportunity during the summer months.


  1. Housekeeping Summer Jobs for College Students


If you have excellent skills when it comes to cleaning the house, then this housekeeping role is for you this summer.


  1. Pet Care


As one of the best summer jobs for college students, pet care involves a number of responsibilities. The responsibilities range from taking care of the pet to cleaning up their yards, and the pay makes it worth.


  1. Car Washing Business


First of all, here you will be needed to have all the required equipment to make sure all cars can be cleaned both outside and inside. This is one of the summer jobs that college students can earn with.


  1. Computer Technology Assistant


If you have some knowledge in cleaning, repairing and updating computers, then you can make some money out of this summer.


  1. Parent Helper


As some parents go through caring for their kids, they’d like someone who can assist them with their kids. The parent helper duties would also include untidying the house, doing laundry and preparing meals.


  1. Bike Repair


Another fun and best summer job for college students is small engine or bike repair.


  1. Clearing the Windows


This is one of the best jobs all over the world and can earn you a great amount of money during the summer months.


  1. Internships


There are also other businesses that give fully-paid summer internships for the residents of a partular are. Just look for a business that deal with what you learned in college and you re good to go.


  1. Landscape Crew


Working in a landscape crew during summer holidays might get physical but would earn you that extra cash. You will be performing everything from trimming trees to moving lawns to moving earth.


  1. Local Hospital Summer Jobs for College Students


If you have a career in healthcare, then this might be a great opportunity for you. You might be employed to help in transporting patients, assisting in any of the offices or working in the cafeteria.


These are some of the best summer jobs for college students. You will definitely get at least one that fits your career choice or other preferences. Good luck.