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February 6, 2021

NC A&T mission statement and core values

Based upon your review of the NC A&T mission statement and core values please respond to the following: How does the University mission statement align with your own life philosophy and career aspirations for the future? […]
January 17, 2022

Public Administration: Budget Savannah Georgia

  In this presentation, you will analyze budget documents (including budgeting approaches) for Savannah, Georgia. You will investigate how the city utilizes an operating budget and capital improvement plan budget. The budget document is rich with […]
July 9, 2022

Infographic on Personality Impact

  Analyze the impact of employee behavior on engagement. Scenario You are a manager at ABC Corporation, and you manage a team of 20 employees. You conduct a weekly team meeting, which allows you to stress […]
July 11, 2022


  Do you agree that wisdom/critical thinking is a better predictor of well-being than intelligence? To answer, you will have to define what the following terms mean for you: Critical thinking Wisdom Intelligence Well-being Reflect on […]
July 12, 2022

Fiske and Taylor in 1991

In reference to the PowerPoint, Fiske and Taylor in 1991, found that people think more about people than any other subject. However, it was also mentioned that we do not like to think because it requires […]
July 12, 2022

Aspect of Zombies and look for a resource that is digital in nature

    Choose a topic on any aspect of Zombies and look for a resource that is digital in nature (video clips, online museums, podcasts, etc.). Write a short one-page response that answers the questions listed […]
July 14, 2022

Crisis Communication at Colonnade: Responding to a Customer Complaint

  Scenario You are the general manager of Colonnade Hotel and Resort, an independent property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Having worked at the Colonnade for four years, you are no stranger to customer service complaints. As […]
July 14, 2022

The Demonic Pact

1. According to Perkins, what is the Demonic Pact and why is it a danger to the larger society? 2. According to Perkins, Why can’t there be good or “white” witches? Why does he try to […]
July 14, 2022

Approved Drug by the FDA

        Choose a drug that has been approved by the FDA within the past year. Write a 1,000-1,250 word paper by Describe the drug approved by the FDA. Include the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic […]
July 14, 2022

New techniques in the Lewis (2018)

  https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/interview-questions/2018/5-new-interviewing-techniques-that-you-need-to-know-about First Post: As an HR professional assigned with the task of changing interview methods at your company (current or past employer), which of the five new techniques in the Lewis (2018) reading fits best […]