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August 23, 2021

Herman Goldstein

Herman Goldstein 1. Summarize the chapter and ensure to answer the following within your summary: a) What were two of Goldstein’s specific recommendations for making police more suitable for a democratic society? b) According to Goldstein, […]
November 18, 2021

Crime Theories

Explain the use of the Crime Theories why some youths violate the law. What interventions can be instituted to reduce criminal acts from being committed by a youth. How can the Criminal Justice handle such individuals?
November 30, 2021

Criminal justice system.

Write a 13 page well organizes essay on a public policy issue (gender-based violence), with respect to crime and the criminal justice system. It will examines the goals, objectives, planning, implementation, and outcomes of current criminal […]
December 10, 2021

Preparing for a Forensic Investigation

Scenario You are an employee at D&B Investigations, a firm that contracts with individuals, companies, and government agencies to conduct computer forensics investigations. D&B employees are expected to observe the following tenets, which the company views […]
December 12, 2021

Violence, Victims, And Criminal Justice

Write an in-depth response to each of the questions numbered below. Number your response with the question. Each response needs to be at least four sentences in length. Refer to “Writing Rubric” (in the Getting Started […]
December 13, 2021

The Prospects of Re-entry for Juvenile Offenders

Consider the prospects of re-entry for juvenile offenders in light of the Jon Venables case and the other highlighted juveniles. What hurdles does the juvenile justice system have to overcome in order to avoid failures such […]
December 19, 2021

Diane’s Rights Case

While Milestone Two allowed you to consider Jack’s case, Milestone Three revolves around Diane’s case in your case study analysis. A case study allows you to evaluate the situation with your course knowledge, regardless of your […]
December 25, 2021

Crime Analysis

question 1-Some of the primary goals of crime analysis are to assist law enforcement in criminal apprehension, crime mapping, crime prevention, and conducting research that can advance the profession. Explain how each of the aforementioned goals […]
December 29, 2021

Factors influencing Community Based Justice in the Africana World

Explain what you think will be the most important factor influencing community based justice in the Africana world in the future. Include in your answer some of the fundamental knowledge of the ways in which technologies […]
December 30, 2021

The Japanese Criminal Justice System

Analyze Japanese policing, the court structure and trial process, and corrections. Evaluate the Japanese criminal justice system and compare it to the United States. Evaluate Japanese policing and investigative agencies. Were there any areas of the […]