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December 7, 2021

A sexual assault

Describe what a sexual assault is. Explain the elements needed during an investigation to determine if a person was a victim of a sexual assault (rape).  
December 8, 2021

The classification of offenders.

Describe the factors which are used to determine the classification of offenders. Among these various factors, which do you believe is the most important to the classification of the individual offender and why.
December 9, 2021

Preparing for a Forensic Investigation

Scenario You are an employee at D&B Investigations, a firm that contracts with individuals, companies, and government agencies to conduct computer forensics investigations. D&B employees are expected to observe the following tenets, which the company views […]
December 10, 2021

Culture and Legal Traditions

Analyze the differing cultural perspectives on policing, the courts, and corrections in two of the following countries: China United States 1. How have the cultural perspectives of each country had an impact on their legal traditions? […]
December 10, 2021

roles of police officers: the public servant and the crime fighter

Discuss the 2 roles of police officers: the public servant and the crime fighter. Utilize current research to explain why some people may believe police subculture is breaking down. Review the presentation titled “Police (Part 2)” […]
December 10, 2021

problem facing police in the USA today

  What is the biggest problem facing police in the USA today?(Choose a problem in which you can locate substantial information.) Prepare an eight to 4-5 page, double-spaced essay–excluding the cover page and references page–covering, in […]
December 14, 2021

Relationship Between Drugs and Crime

Address the following in 3–5 pages: What 2 theories did you select? Briefly identify and describe them. For each theory, answer the following questions: How does this theory explain drug use and abuse? Explain in detail. […]
December 14, 2021

White Collar Crime

Read the article titled “U.S. v. WikiLeaks: espionage and the First Amendment”, located at http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40653249/ns/us_news-wikileaks_in_security/t/us-v-wikileaks-espionage-first-amendment/. Next, view the indictment titled “18 U.S.C. § 793: US Code – Section 793: Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information”, located […]
December 14, 2021

Typologies and Classification of Terrorist Organizations

As you have learned in this unit, there are several typologies and classification systems of terrorism both in the United States and abroad. Typologies and classification systems are important when assessing the different types of terrorist […]
December 14, 2021

The President and Crisis Management

Today is your presidential Inauguration Day. You were elected as president last November by a slim margin in both the popular vote and the electoral vote. You attended a worship service this morning with your family […]