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November 17, 2021

Cultural and economic globalization

Reflecting upon this week’s videos regarding cultural and economic globalization, are a homogeneous global culture and economy desirable? Yes, it is making everyone richer and a few people incredibly wealthy. But … What’s the downside of […]
November 18, 2021

The Beijing Blanketed

Are there any costs in regard to how humans and the environment interact? Why or why not? Find a picture or article on the internet that supports your perspective and include it with your post. In […]
December 10, 2021

Role that globalization played in Covid-19

  In 2020 and 2021 the spread of the pandemic, Covid-19 has resulted in death and sickness throughout the world. Discuss the role that globalization played in this pandemic? Include a real-life example to demonstrate your […]
December 28, 2021

Discussion Globalization

Globalization may have considerable beneficial and detrimental effects on various countries. Using what you’ve learned from this module share your thoughts on the economic and political impact of globalization on the Russian economy.
December 31, 2021

Porter’s forces to the industry

Apply Porter’s forces to the industry you are following. Analyze, with some depth, these five forces as far as your industry goes. (Again, the industry will be disclosed once we handshake).    
January 3, 2022

implications of globalization.

Explain the implications of globalization. Identify at least two ethical issues that go along with the global societal topic you have chosen for your final . Explain how globalization contributes to or affects these ethical dilemmas. […]
January 4, 2022

The market for kidney organs

Part I – (this draws on opportunity cost (Ch 1) and markets (Ch 3)) Describe the market for kidney organs, as it would be in a free market without government intervention, using what you have learned […]
January 4, 2022

Boeing organizational environment and behavior

Select a well-known company (Boeing) in the aviation community to examine its organizational environment and behavior. Each week, you will apply what you have learned in the Module of study to the company you selected in […]
January 6, 2022

Understanding the World Today

Describe how media have shaped the way people interact with and understand the world they live in. Discuss why it is important to study media and culture. Use specific examples to support your answer. Your paper […]
January 8, 2022


•Provide a more complete understanding of the term. Look to synthesize your research of the term into your own definition. •Offer a wide range of current social, political, ethical, and business issues and how they impact […]