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Community’s health, the major strengths of your community


Give a brief summary evaluation of your community’s health, the major strengths of your community, and the hopes for your community in the future. Also, discuss what has resonated with you in this course.


Sample Solution

The Importance

In the modern and dynamic world that characterizes the present, management has developed significantly as it is often seen as “an art” that needs special attention because if put into practice effectively it can create a true launching ramp for the organization and arm it with a real competitive advantage that would propels it far from its competitors and allow it the benefit of setting the pace on a continuously changing market.

Imagine what would happen with an organization if there would be no well defined set of rules to help maintain a clear focus on the goals and objectives of the company and if there was no one to organize the people and motivate them.

Some of the essential attributes of a specialist in management called “manager” are precisely that of being able to guide the people in the lower organizational levels and motivate them in order to obtain their maximum efficiency that will overall help the company advance in the proposed direction.