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Community’s health, the major strengths of your community


Give a brief summary evaluation of your community’s health, the major strengths of your community, and the hopes for your community in the future. Also, discuss what has resonated with you in this course.


Sample Solution

Training & Development objectives

The principal objective of training & development division is to make sure the availability of a skilled and willing workforce to an organization.

In addition to that, there are four other objectives Individual, Organizational, Functional and Societal.

  • Individual Objectives :- help employees in achieving their personal goals, which in turn, enhances the individual contribution to an organization.
  • Organizational Objectives :- assist the organization with its primary objective by bringing individual effectiveness.
  • Functional Objectives :- maintain the department, contribution at a level suitable to the organization’s needs.
  • Societal Objectives :- ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society.

Training and Human Resource Management

The HR functioning is changing with time and with this change, the relationship between the training function and other management activity is also changing. The training and development activities are now equally important with that of other HR functions.

Training actually provides the opportunity to raise the profile development activities in the organization. To increase the commitment level of employees and growth in quality movement (concepts of HRM), senior management team is now increasing the role of training. Such concepts of HRM require careful planning as well as greater emphasis an employee development and long term education.

Training is now the important tool of Human Resource Management to control the attribution rate because it helps in motivating employees, achieving their professional and personal goals, increasing the level of job satisfaction etc. As a result training is given on a variety of skill development and covers a multiple of courses.

Role of HRD Porfessional in Training

The role of HR professionals in training has been widened. HR role now is :-

1) Active involvement in employee education.
2) Rewards to be associated with self-esteem and self worth.
3) Providing pre-employment market oriented skill development education and post education support for advanced education and training.