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Continuous movement toward more-humane treatment

Some people believe the history of corrections shows a continuous movement toward more-humane treatment of convicted people as society in general has progressed. Do you agree? Why or why not?
Discussion Chapter 3: What lessons can today’s correctional professionals learn from the historical punishment practices covered in this chapter? Which practices should we not reinstate? Which practices should we consider adopting?


Sample Solution

Rating Game

Performance appraisal methods can compare employees against one another, or compare employees against a standard. Within these two types there are many appraisal methods. Some are as simple as straight rankings. Others are more complex, such as behavioral scales that attempt to establish a success criterion by defining performance behaviors. Whatever the technique may be, the ranking strategy can be something like a game or tournament. Again, these methods emphasize equality and compatibility with human performance and ignore the measurement of human values.

3. Central Tendency

Central tendency is the most commonly found error that occurs when a rater assigns mid-range scores or values to all individuals evaluated. Too high or too low a test can be avoided by assigning an “average rating” to everyone.Usually the central tendency is caused by a lack of information, or lack of knowledge about the employee and his or her behavior that the rater wants to avoid commitment or participation or he or she may not have enough time at his or her disposal. Such a habit will mislead the evaluation and remove their value.