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Contract Law

Pedro is jogging in the park in his neighborhood and notices signs posted on trees. The next time he passes by one of the signs, he decides to take a
breather and read what is being posted. The sign says “Lost Dog” and has a picture and name of the dog. The sign says, “I’ll pay $750 to anyone who returns
my lost dog” and also provides the phone number and email address of the owner. Pedro takes a screen shot of the posted note.
When Pedro gets home, he shows the screen shot to his friend Briana and Briana then asks Pedro to text her that screen shot. Briana and Pedro agree that if
either of them find the dog and return it to the owner, they would split the reward 50/50. It just so happens that Briana finds the dog and follows the
instructions (exactly as specified on the reward sign) to return the dog and collect the reward. When she delivers the dog back to the owner, the owner of the
dog was curious how Briana how she knew of the reward. Briana mentioned her friend Pedro showed her the posted note. The owner said that since she did
not directly know about the reward sign, as this is now secondhand knowledge, they did not have a contract and refused to pay her the $750. Briana then
sues the owner of the dog.
In completing this discussion post, please address whether there was a contract between Briana and the owner of the dog and why? Be specific and detailed.
Just providing there was or was not a contract is not sufficient


Sample Solution

The main functions of internal audit have quickly and successively evolved and this evolution is linked to the occurrence of financial crises and cases of obstruction and collapses of several companies in the various countries of the world. This lead to the necessity of the activation of control in the companies managements by the implementation of the corporate governance concept therein. Consequently, the function of internal audit entered into new phases of development in order to contribute in preventing the financial violations and transgressions until the occurrence of any future crises or collapses is avoided. Today, internal audit evolved into being considered as one of the most significant parties participating in the companies governance.

This thesis is aimed at shedding light upon the role that may be played by internal audit in the Libyan industrial companies enlisted in the Libyan stock market in order to propose the implementation of corporate governance as a key to their future development. With the intention of realizing the objective of the study, the main following hypothesis has been formulated: