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Data collection is a critical component in obtaining useful data

Appropriate data collection is a critical component in obtaining useful data for your research. Using your proposed research topic and research questions, explain your plan for data collection. Discuss potential issues in your data collection plan and your plans to overcome these challenges. Then, respond to at least two or your classmates’ posts and analyze their plan for data collection. Are their plans appropriate for their research project? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Week 4 Discussion 2
Watch the interactive video on ethical research from the nurse’s perspective. (Detailed directions on accessing the research interactive scenario are included in the course.) Conducting research with strong ethical principles is a critical component of being an effective nurse researcher. What did you learn from participating in the interactive lessons on ethical principles in research? Are ethics in research clear cut, or do you think there are some gray areas? Explain your answer. How will you ensure that your research is conducted in an ethical manner? What potential challenges might you face?

Sample Solution

The Sprint
During a Sprint event, a working product Increment is developed. The duration of this event is usually two weeks or one month, and this duration remains constant for all the sprints in the project. We cannot have different durations for the different sprints in a particular project. A new Sprint follows immediately after the previous Sprint is completed.
The Sprint Goal is an objective set for the Sprint during the Sprint Planning meeting. The scope of the sprint is clarified and re-negotiated between the Product Owner and the Team as more about the requirements is learned.
A Sprint should be cancelled in case the Sprint Goal becomes obsolete. This might occur if the organization changes its working or if market or technology conditions change in the industry. It is important to note that a sprint can be cancelled only by product owner, though others also have an influence on the same.
Since the Sprints are of short durations, cancellation during a sprint doesn’t make much sense. Also, since sprint cancellations consume resources, for getting re-organized into another Sprint it is difficult and uncommon.
The Product Owner typically accepts the part of work produced during the cancelled sprint if he/she finds it potentially reasonable. The remaining incomplete Sprint Backlog Items are put back into the Product Backlog.