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DEI And CSR Initiatives

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During your discussions with the experienced project manager, they stressed that beyond profitability, other key elements your project should focus on are diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), while simultaneously demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR). In the marketplace, companies that have diverse project teams get varied perspectives that help the overall project. Just as important, companies that “give back” to the communities they service do better and are supported by millennial buyers—a big target segment for many companies.

For your initial post, research your selected company’s position on DEI initiatives and the CSR programs they currently support via the company’s website. Then, address the following questions about your proposed product or service:

What is the company’s position on DEI? Do they have a clear policy or initiative around it?
What actions could you take to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and equitable project team is assembled?
What is the company’s commitment to CSR and how does it affect their profitability or image in the market?
How does your product or service align with the company’s CSR program and how can you leverage this position as a competitive tool?


Sample Solution

he common problem with appraisals is that an employee’s excessive strength during the discussion review has a large amount of negative information that they did not hear during the instruction. This tends to cause the “employee” to turn off the listening while the manager explains what is wrong. “Employees” just raise their shields “to leave all negative information. This is a very natural trait in a person. We are naturally suspicious of negative information for various psychological reasons (i.e. say, protective mechanisms), so when we are shown a large amount of negative information, we tend to discount or distrust us because, employees in such situations may consider the process that unfair or one-sided and not an accurate measure of their performance (unacceptable), and as a result, evaluation can be futile as a motivating employee

And also some of the problems of performance appraisal are:-

Rater differences in their performance evaluations lead to many errors. One is a non-variation in perception. Two raters saw an employee disagree with a supervisor. One understands this negative as insubordination. Others see it as positive as a willingness to stand up for what one believes. Different value systems can also play out how rater disagrees. A rater may feel that honest and ethical behavior is paramount, regardless of the impact on income. Another may have an under-orientation that says any behavior including apparent dishonesty is allowed as long as it shows income.Another type of rater difference error is created when the rater detects any different aspects of behavior. A rater sees the employee at work where the staff feels comfortable and functioning effectively. Another can only see the individual at employee meetings where employees are uncomfortable and do not show the best advantage.