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Difference between a Terrorist and a Freedom Fighter.

Prepare a 300-500 word essay for each question. List your references at the end of each answer.
1. The history of terrorism could be traced back to ancient times. Explain how terrorism changed after the events of September 11, 2001.
2. Explain the difference between a Terrorist and a Freedom Fighter. Provide specific examples of both.
3. The U.S. has experienced both Right Wing and Left Wing violence in its history. Compare and contrast the general goals and beliefs of Right Wing and Left Wing domestic terrorist groups. Provide specific examples of each.
4. Terrorism in the name of religion has become the predominant model in the modern world. Discuss the symbolism and political and psychological significance of the targets selected by international religious terrorist groups. Provide specific examples.


Sample Solution

Key Characteristics of a Freedom Fighter
A political dissident fundamentally battles to eliminate abuse that regularly comes as expansionism where another state colonizes the other state. A political dissident is resolved to free the abused through furnished battle much of the time where the point is to eliminate the harsh framework. Numerous countries have appeared after extended fights with the oppressors.

Political dissidents regularly come from minimized gatherings who have been denied of something vital to them like their territory, political opportunity and financial equity and this may likewise incorporate their power.

Along these lines, the significant objective of a political dissident is to reacquire something that legitimately has a place with them yet is in the possession of the oppressors.

A political dissident for the most part targets army installations and resources just as different specialists of the public authority.

The principle thought is to constrain the public authority right into it to go to restorative lengths to address the feelings raised by the political dissidents. The general thought is to focus on the severe framework with the significant objective being accomplishment of freedom.

A political dissident is fulfilled by certain results after a battle for something.

For example, in a battle for political opportunity, a truce is considered when the fighting gatherings have figured out some mutual interest and have consented to quit battling. At the point when the contention is about land, agreement is reached toward the end and battling stops between the gatherings in question.

Distinction Between Terrorist and Freedom Fighter-1

Key Characteristics of a Terrorist
A psychological oppressor has a plan to declare his own perspective on different gatherings of individuals as PC and ought to be trailed by the designated individuals.

A psychological oppressor has his own political or strict belief systems that he believes are right and he utilizes dread to state these on regular folks much of the time. It would thus be able to be seen that fear based oppressors are essentially determined by merciless plans.

A fear monger is a coordinated individual and normally has a place with a rich gathering. Fear mongers can emerge out of well up bunches that are portrayed by rich and affluent individuals. These have the monetary assets to get weapons that are utilized in carrying out egregious violations on various gatherings of individuals.

The psychological militants have evil thought processes and they utilize various strategies to ingrain dread among the designated gatherings to accomplish their ideal objectives.

Fear mongers are for the most part worried about obliterating rather than securing something. Psychological militant gatherings are not quite the same as coordinated opportunity developments that are driven by the longing to acquire freedom from the oppressors.

The fundamental purpose for illegal intimidation is dangerous jealousy. These individuals need to make broad obliteration property and remorselessness to individuals however much they can.

A psychological oppressor is somebody who explicitly targets regular citizens and non confrontational individuals. Psychological oppressors regularly target puts that are regularly visited by regular folks like eateries, temples, schools just as film and different spots for relaxation.

Psychological militants use dread in their activities like barbarous beatings, seizing and murder to guarantee that they pressure the regular citizens to act as indicated by the interests of the system.

The significant objective of illegal intimidation is fear and thus, a psychological oppressor is perpetually discontent from his brutal activities. The activities of a psychological oppressor are driven by the interminable jealousy to cause however much agony and enduring as could reasonably be expected among the designated gatherings.

This implies that a psychological oppressor can never arrive at a phase of fulfillment from his evil plan.

Political dissident and Terrorist
Political dissident is Concerned with regards to battling to eliminate abuse while A psychological oppressor has pitiless plan to utilize dread and fear on non military personnel gatherings to declare their belief systems on them.
A political dissident normally comes from an underestimated bunch while A fear based oppressor for the most part has a place with an affluent gathering
A political dissident targets military and government bases while Terrorists target unarmed regular folks and they additionally target places like schools, cafés and film.

Political dissident Overall objective is freedom subsequent to disposing of a harsh framework while Terrorist Overall objective is to cause however much obliteration as could be expected
At the point when the objective has been accomplished, a political dissident is fulfilled while A fear monger is forever discontent by his pitiless thought processes

Synopsis of the Difference Between a Terrorist and Freedom Fighter
There are critical contrasts between a psychological militant and a political dissident however certain individuals property these to individual discernments. Coming up next is a concise synopsis illustrating the significant contrasts between a fear monger and a political dissident.