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Hyde Pfiefer, a retired 70-year-old German American, has lived in the United States for the last 50 years. A widower of 5 years, Mr. Pfiefer prepares his own meals following his wife’s recipes from the old country. Nine months ago, Mr. Pfiefer was told that his cholesterol is elevated, and he was instructed about a low-fat diet. His most recent test results show his values to be unchanged.

1. Discuss the meaning of food in the German culture.
2. Using the predominant health beliefs of people of German ancestry, how might you help Mr. Pfiefer reduce his cholesterol level?

Sample Solution

s is to show the pure Islamic culture of the Saudi Arabia from banking perspective so it becomes clear how customers deal with Al-Rajhi Bank.

High school graduates constitute the majority of the employees who have been recruited in Branch Banking since 1997 within Retail Banking Group at Al-Rajhi Bank. Due to the cultural, social and religious factors that recognize the relation between the bank and customers, the management of the bank accepted to hire high school graduates based on the fact that customers will come and deal with the bank regardless who is going to serve them. So, whether a high school graduate or higher there is will be no difference and this will save high costs. The bank maintained less operating costs like salaries because the majority of the workforce were paid less due to their low qualifications and profiles and helped the bank to make more profits. This approach succeeded for couple of years until other competitors come to the picture and some other commercial banks introduced Islamic banking products.

People during that period were rewarded and incentivized and bonus payouts were given to employees but it was not based on professional framework and that process included several biases. The standard Performance management process was not implemented at that time and instead a bonus ranking process was deployed by giving performance ratings without understanding real employees achievements and potentiality and what are the development needs required. People continued to operate at the same level and recruitment continued to hire high school graduates and turnover increased to 18%.