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Energy Systems Unit Project

The Energy Systems Unit Project will focus on the Metabolic Pathways. You will create a 3-5 slide PowerPoint presentation depicting and describing the metabolic pathways (energy systems) used from the onset of activity up until conclusion of activity at 45 minutes. Your first slide should include a diagram of any sort that depicts the sequence of metabolic system utilization at the different time points beginning with 0 seconds and continuing though >30 minutes (time points MUST include 0-3 seconds, 30 minutes).

Sample Solution

At the end of every Sprint, a Sprint Review is done during which a review is done on the increment that is getting released. The Scrum Team and the stakeholders collaborate in this meeting to understand what was done in the Sprint bases on which and any newly introduced changes to the Product Backlog during the Sprint, they arrive at the next steps required that could optimize value. Thus, the objective of Sprint Review is to get a feedback and progress accordingly.
The duration of the Sprint Review is normally of two hours for two-week sprints and four hours in case of one-month sprints.
The Scrum Master ensures that the meeting takes place and the participants understand the purpose. It also ensures that the meeting is focused on the required agenda and is completed within the required duration.
The following aspects are included in the Sprint Review:
• Attendees should include the team and any other stakeholders. These attendees are invited by the Product Owner
• Explaining the Product Backlog items that have been completed during the sprint and the ones that have not been completed
• Problems faced by the team during last print and the resolution measures are discussed by the team
• Demonstration of the work done by the team and answering any questions on that particular increment
• Discussion on next steps providing valuable input to Sprint Planning of the subsequent Sprint
• Review of the timeline, budget, potential capabilities, and marketplace for the next anticipated release of the product increment
• Finally, an update on the Product Backlog for the next Sprint Increment