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Four Products: Predicting Diffusion

Read the power point attached to see images of the four products that you will analyze in this discussion board post.

For this discussion, you are to advocate for one product that you feel will “diffuse” fastest. What are its strengths? Why will it succeed? Which products are likely to succeed? Why?
Feel free to argue against products that you DON’T think will succeed and explain why.

Sample Solution

Pros of Quality Circles

Team work, integrates staff from different departments, solutions being created at the front end of the business where problems often seen differently to management who may not fully understand the issues.

Improved communication with management being made aware of staff concerns and ideas.

Staff skill level increase leads to potential increase in motivation, productivity and quality.

Cons of Quality Circles

Quality circles do not have the power to make a decision and if the manager they report to is part of the problem or rejecting their suggestions there is no means to bypass them.

If staff are not trained in problem solving, brainstorming and analysis tools then the Quality Circle will most likely not be as affective and could end up having a negative impact on Quality.

Training staff will cost time and money even though Crosby says ‘Quality is free’ by which he means the money saved through Zero defects covers the costs of implementing Quality improvement programs, business still have to find the cash to invest and for some it maybe they feel their money could be better invested elsewhere

Kaizen Teams

Brain storming

This is a technique used to generate a large amount of ideas quickly, it gives everyone in the Quality Circle the opportunity to give their ideas in an open discussion with no criticism allowed. The basic way brainstorming works is by looking at a particular problem then coming up with multiple solutions and examining them in detail, it works well as group members can bounce ideas off one another and this helps to refine the ideas and come up with new alternatives. Having staff from different departments helps as they may see problems/solutions differently to their peers. All ideas should be recorded, once the brainstorming session has concluded the results can then be analysed (often using cause and effect diagrams or Pareto analysis) to determine the best solution to the problem that can then be passed on to management for review.