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Group Therapy Observations

1. What are focus/goals of group (and/or mission – there may be an overall mission and a
Specific session goal)?
2. What are your feelings/thoughts/behaviors as an observer therapist during the meeting? (Be specific about feeling/ thoughts/ emotions and describe what went through your mind while watching the video, what you felt and how you behaved while watching (bored, attentive, etc.).
3. What is one “good/effective” thing you observed related to facilitating a successful
group (Be specific and identify where this occurs)
4. What is one thing you would change/add/ do differently to make this a better group if you facilitated this group (be specific and identify where this occurs and what you would have done as a facilitator to make this group better)?
5. What are personal applications/learning/information you gained from observing the
groups? (Be specific)


Sample Solution

Benefits to Customer
The duration of sprints is short and user stories are taken up at every sprint planning as per priority. It ensures that the features required by the customer immediately are included at every sprint delivery. Also, if there is any change request raised by the customer, it will be taken up in the ongoing sprint, or included in the following sprint. Thus, the development team promptly responds to the customer’s requirements.
Benefits to Organization
Organization can reduce overhead and rework by focusing on the effort required for development of the prioritized user stories. Customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer references will be possible due to the specific benefits of scrum to customer and increased efficiency of the development team hence, increasing the market potential of the organization.
Benefits to Product Managers
Product manager can easily ensure that the work is aligned to customer needs since Scrum facilitates quick responses, work prioritization and absorbing changes. This ensures customer satisfaction which is one of the main responsibilities of the product manager.
Benefits to Project Managers
This is basically the ScrumMaster of the project. Since all the teams collaborate during a sprint it facilitates easy and concrete planning and tracking. The use of Burndown Charts and Product backlogs to understand the progress and the work left, and the Daily Scrum meetings aware the Project Manager about the current status of the project. This ensures smooth monitoring of the project, and for planning ahead for future tasks.
Benefits to Development Team
The development team becomes more enthusiastic when they find that their work is being used due to the working incremental deliveries. Team enjoys working in collaboration. The team gets a sense that their work is being valued as it is always linked to customer stories.