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How encryption protect confidentiality, integrity, authentication


How does encryption protect confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and nonrepudiation? Provide at least one example for each. Please submit a Word document. All answers should be elaborated carefully, no less than 350 words in total. Any reliabl

Sample Solution

Cryptography is the study of writing covertly code with the goal that no one else aside from the expected receipient could peruse

Cryptography is the training and investigation of methods for secure correspondence within the sight of outsiders. All the more for the most part, it is tied in with developing and investigating conventions that conquer the impact of aggressors or outside individuals and which are connected with different viewpoints in data security like information privacy, information honesty, validation, and non-renouncement. Uses of cryptography incorporate ATM cards, PC passwords.

Cryptography is the study of utilizing math to encode and unscramble information. Cryptography empowers you to store touchy data or communicate it across uncertain organizations (like the Internet) with the goal that it can’t be perused by anybody aside from the expected beneficiary.

Objectives of Cryptography
The Main Goals of cryptography

Information Privacy(confidentiality)
Information Authenticity(it came from where it claims)
Information integrity(it has not been changed on the way) in the computerized world

Classification is most ordinarily tended to objective
The significance of a message is hidden by encoding it
The shipper encodes the message utilizing a cryptographic key
The beneficiary unscrambles the message utilizing a cryptographic key that might be equivalent to the one utilized by the shipper
Information Integrity

Honesty Ensures that the message got is equivalent to the message that was sent
Utilizes hashing to make an extraordinary message digest from the message that is sent alongside the message
Beneficiary uses a similar method to make a second review from the message to contrast with the first one
This procedure just ensures against accidental change of the message
A variety is utilized to make computerized marks to secure against malevolent adjustment

A client or framework can demonstrate their character to another who doesn’t have individual information on their personality
Achieved utilizing advanced endorsements
Kerberos is a typical cryptographic verification framework