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How the female characters are portrayed


Think about how the female characters are portrayed in one of the stories we read. Is this a positive or negative portrayal?

Sample Solution

efore the emergence of new management practices, the numerous management functions simply were conducted separately with an almost non existent strategic coordination between them. The many interactions which took place between the various organizational departments had a single manager, or in the most positive scenario two, who had the challenging assignment of coordinating and facilitating the flow of information which was transmitted in a closed system among the organizational departments, and this sometimes resulted with slow and biased decision-making framework .

It was Alfred Chandler that first identified the importance of coordinating the different aspects of management under one well planned strategy so that the company would be allowed to develop a long term focus when looking into the future, being of belief that such an approach can give a company direction, structure and focus.

Another great specialist, Philip Selznick, in the year 1957, formulated the innovative concept of creating a link between the internal factors of an organization and the complex external environment with which it interacts. This revolutionary theory was later redefined and put together in a different perspective by Andrews and his colleagues from Harvard Business School and became one of the most renown tools in modern management, the famous SWOT analysis. The basic application of the SWOT Analysis means that the strengths and weaknesses of the company are assessed with the parallel analysis of the opportunities and threats that arise from the business environment.

When it comes to great achievements in management ,the name Peter Duck