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Job description for an athletic trainer

You are an athletic director for a sport program and are looking to hire an athletic trainer. Create a comprehensive job description for an athletic trainer in your facility. Also, develop a series of interview questions you would ask in order to make an informed hire.

Sample Solution

The purpose of this report is to explore the concept of leadership and present the characteristics of good leadership as outlined within the contemporary literature. A variety of leadership theories will be discussed in order to understand and draw a conclusion with regards to feasibility and application of those theories in organisations nowadays.

In order to outline the characteristics of good leadership it is vital to understand the concept itself. According to Rees and French (2016) leadership is difficult to clearly define as it depends on individual perception. What leadership means to one person may be understood differently by somebody else. Bertocci D. (2009) adds that leadership definition changes with time depending on current events and is often derived from the image of political leaders. Stogdill R. & Bass B (1990) define leadership as a process of influencing people in order to achieve a mutual goal. Similarly, Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly & Konopaske (2012) state that leadership is ‘an attempt to use non-coercive influence to motivate individuals to accomplish some goal’. What is more, Kotter (1999) approaches leadership as creating a vision and empowering people to achieve this vision by aligning strategies. All of the above was synthesised by Dean Amory in 2014 where he states that leadership equals influence therefore factual leaders are the ones who have the most influence on others. Even though the perception of leadership changes over time, it is understood and agreed that leadership involves influencing others by motivating them to achieve set goals or visions.

Different leadership theories can assist in establishing features of a good leader. Equally to definitions of leadership, these theories evolve over time as there are many external and internal factors influencing those changes.