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Journal Reflection

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Submit a 2 page summary of reflections, ruminations, feelings, and self- discoveries. This will be based on weekly personal journals. This journal is not a discussion of the content so far covered or a chronology of the events, but an expression of personal experience in the course of the semester. The journal should be written in the first person and the grade will be based on the depth of self-reflection.

I’m a male
This is a master level counseling technique course. This course involved completing role play counseling session assignments as a counselor and the client was my classmate.
At the beginning of the semester I found myself very excited to be in this class taking this course.
For my baseline recording session. I found myself to be nervous and constantly thinking on what to ask next. It was a fun experience. After watching my own
recording I realize I had so much to learn.
Learning about all the different techniques was fun. I watched videos that explained well how to paraphrase etc and then I practiced it with my friends or at
work. It was interesting to see everything I was learning in class I was seeing it at work. Therapist using psycho-education, play therapy etc.
For my midterm recording. I was less nervous than the baseline recording. I picked up on things I could have done better after reviewing it. After reviewing it
with you it helped me see what areas I need to work on. The importance of open ended questions because it’ll get the client to open up more (elaborate
For my final session I was confident within myself that i would do a better job than both recordings. I think I did a better job. I do know I struggled with
reflecting of meaning. I was not able to get that done for my session. I will continue to watch videos and practice.
For presentations I know I struggle a lot with that and I need to work on it. I know that most courses require presentations and most professors wont be so
accommodating with me. I feel like I shake a lot when I present and also experience shaky voice.

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Personal Journal

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Personal Journal

I had always been delighted to be in a counselling class. As a counselor, it was my responsibility to empower individuals to live healthy, stress-free lives, and I had to build a solid counselor-client relationship to get great results. I was taught to employ the best strategies in previous lectures. I would try to listen empathically, respect my client’s privacy, and avoid passing judgment.

However, I was really nervous at the first session. I was continuously considering what question to ask next. This was primarily due to my fear that my client would be hesitant. People like this are not always eager to be open and share their stories. The hesitancy might be due to the anxiety and guilt that comes with the counseling process. As a result, I would provide insufficient information, and the assignment would fall short of its objectives. Conclusions are difficult to reach without substantial discussion. I was also astounded that I had to cease evaluating the customer by my own standards. I am a human being who adheres to a set of moral principles. On the other hand, evaluating the sessions on the client’s terms was a need. Regardless of how strongly I held my own, I had to bow to my client’s perceptions and views. This seemed a little strange. Despite the fact that I was dealing with a student, I had to consider interpersonal boundaries. I was supposed to form a professional organization. This was not an easy task. I was inclined to giggle at how my client came up with notions that I knew were completely incorrect at times. This resulted in a disconnected communication system. In general, I required a counselor to help me with the assignment.

I kept replaying the footage of the recordings. I was able to recognize some of my major blunders during the process. For example, I misconstrued the client’s sentiments since I couldn’t comprehend them. This has taught me to listen to the client’s sentiments with empathy before jumping to judgments. In addition, I prominently featured my personal troubles in the client stories. This includes motivating and advising others based on my own personal experiences. It is critical, though, to focus only on the client’s well-being. I was very fast to pick up on the client’s speech tone. This frequently elicited sentiments of rage in me because I was insulted. As a therapist, I’ve learned that it’s critical to keep my emotions in check. This is because clients may have been exposed to a lot of negativity and have become accustomed to it. The only way out is to concentrate on solving the problem at hand.

I decided to study more about counseling methods. From the many scientific articles, I learned that I needed to be aware of emotional tensions since some people are more emotional and readily fall into the grasp of emotions. I also realized how important it is to practice great communication and clear thinking. These two techniques were critical in comprehending a person’s point of view while also thinking positively about them (Thompson, 2015). Negative thinking leads to misunderstanding and distrust; thus, adopting a positive approach would strengthen a counseling connection. Everything was fun because I was practicing the skills with my friends and at work and watching videos on how to create parachutes. It was interesting to see the fascinating real-life experience concepts I learned in the course manifest at work. The process was a major achievement, having made significant progress on my midterm recording

I acknowledge that most presentations are still a challenge, and I am working on improving on them because they reflect on my professionalism. For instance, most courses demand a significant investment in presentations, and professors would not accept students who lack these skills. I have not been confident in my past professional recordings, and my voice reflects this challenge. I have been focusing on convincing myself that I am immune to tragedy and that counseling is a courageous practice. Counseling strategies assist people in navigating through various ideas and troublesome difficulties associated with various environments (Pereira & Rekha, 2017). Being a skilled counselor boosts one’s chances of providing effective and dependable assistance to clients without relying on personal beliefs and life principles.

















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