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Minorities in Police Force

Explain and be specific about the current and emerging challenges faced by minorities
in law enforcement in current times. Please review chapter 7 pp. 216 – 225 and watch the video to assist you
with this assignment.
Minorities in Police Force-story by Sitara Maruf for Human Interest Today

Click on the YouTube URL to watch the video.
Representation of minorities in law enforcement agencies. This story produced and reported by Sitara Syed
Maruf uses Montgomery County in Maryland as an example to illustrate the challenges that police officers face
today and how communities could benefit from a multicultural police workforce. This segment aired in 2002 on


Sample Solution


The Heritage Foundation’s report calls for better “marking” – a term purloined from showcasing – to give a steady standing as a scenery for the inescapable unpleasant spots.

The report censures reports of foundational bigotry that depend on genuine information driven wrongdoing control techniques. Police contacts with residents will disproportionality include minorities when wrongdoing reports are most noteworthy in minority networks. Numbers without setting have been utilized by the Department of Justice with expanding recurrence under the Obama organization to mediate in neighborhood office tasks, for example, decreasing pause and search choices by watch officials.

The barbarous incongruity is that wrongdoing has expanded in where officials and directors become reluctant to utilize demonstrated techniques for criminal ban.


Police pioneers perceive what monetary turn of events and political pioneers frequently don’t – that quality law authorization is as much a variable in drawing in positions to a local area as are stops and schools. Political pioneers appear to capitulate to compel from against police activists to decrease the viability of law authorization, including financial plan fixing, rather than tolerating the need to help and energize quality policing for a local area’s wellbeing and energy.


Fruitful wrongdoing control strategies are being marked as common freedom infringement notwithstanding the wide insurances of Constitutional rules. The report refers to that the “pause and search” banter leaves out the truth that police don’t arbitrarily pause and search residents, yet should explain OK purposes behind the contact, questions and searches. Pundits further refer to the low pace of disclosure of weapons, rather than deciphering that measurement as an achievement of prevention.

Notwithstanding the truth that wrongdoing is at memorable lows, law authorization is only occasionally credited with its part in the decrease. An expanding disintegration of help for the adequacy of personal satisfaction implementation frequently credited for sensational wrongdoing decrease in New York City and different wards is being related with the insight that cops are squandering energy on trivial offenses that target minorities.


Calling for expanded government participation and more wellsprings of subsidizing, the report refers to high guarantee for the use of logical techniques for foreseeing and addressing wrongdoing. Endeavors to focus on habitual perpetrators who are answerable for an unbalanced measure of wrongdoing ought to be improved by prescient knowledge and more productive handling of actual proof.


Many highest point members communicated trust that the Department of Justice would turn out to be not so much political but rather more productive. The national government could cultivate extraordinary additions in preparing, innovation and best practices assuming it advances toward not so much oversight but rather more help.

Albeit not all culmination members settled on all focuses, cops on the bleeding edges can be empowered that those at an undeniable degree of impact are tending to the real factors that influence each official.