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Modern quality management principles


Present a discussion in 500 words on three questions: 1. Which of the seven modern quality management principles (shown in slide# 11) were applied by Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business in developing their quality strategy to focus on Bachelor of Science in business administration and eliminating the graduate study programs like MBA and PhD? 2. Give your reasons as to why these principles were chosen by the College? 3. What are lessons learnt for a College in the UAE if it intends to develop a new quality strategy? I have attached the article below

Please write 400 words and after few days I will send you an example of my classsmates work and I need the rest of the words to be responded to that.


Sample Solution

Human resource management is a very crucial and important part of management practice. It determines the quality and level of performance of any organization. No organization is greater than the quality of her human resources. The processes and systems put in place by the HRM department in terms of motivation, recruitment and selection processes determine the quality of personnel that will be attracted to the organization. It is absolutely imperative for any HRM department to ensure the legal and regulatory frameworks are in place for both its operations and particularly for the cessation of her employees. Most of the time poor performance leads to employee dismissal without finding out the cause of the poor performance. If the organization doesn’t monitor performance and reduce the wastage, the employees will lose interest. Employees need to be motivated to continue doing a good job hence producing quality work. Proper training and development are also crucial for an organization to get quality work from their employees. This is because the employees will know how to do what they are expected to do better. The organization should give the feedback of the employees work; these will encourage employees to be aware of their performance, hence working hard for better results. McDonald’s believe that if the employees are inefficient, the customers will not come back for more purchase, due to poor customer service from the incompetent employees. McDonald’s focus is therefore mainly on their employees since they are the main resource to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.