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Nature vs. Nurture (PSY101 Fundamentals of Psychology)


In thinking about the nature versus nurture debate, explain why you think nature, nurture, or both has/have the strongest impact on development. Include information from the video and scholarly resources to support your viewpoint. Please give specific examples from your own development or the development of someone you know.

Be sure to provide the URL link(s) and/or title(s) to any resource used as reference in your post.

Unit 5 Discussion (ACC150 Accounting Essentials)

Still more questions from Anne Marie.

I bought and paid for equipment costing $20,000. Shouldn’t there be an equipment expense for $20,000 on the income statement?
Please respond in your own words to this or this question?





Sample Solution

Composition of the CSR committee

Mr. Suneel M Advani – Chairman

Mr. B. Thiagarajan – Member

Ms. Shobana Kamineni – Member

Role of the CSR Committee

  • The role of the CSR Committee is to review, monitor and provide strategic direction to Blue Star’s CSR practices, which is well aligned to its compentancies and core people skills. This Committee formulates and monitors the CSR Policy, and recommends the annual CSR Plan of the Company of the Board, in line with companies Act,2013. Periodic impact assessments help monitor the benefits received by the community, and lead to augmenting the project outcomes.
  • Blue Star’s CSR committee, determines the activities to be undertaken, and the company pursues such activities over a considerable period of time (minimum 2 or 3 years) in order to create and assess their impact. The projects are fully adopted or supported by the company as per the need and available budgets on a case-to-case basis.
  • The CSR execution team regularly updates the CSR committee on the progress of the projects by sharing detailed reports as well as learning and feedback from the communities, and implements any course corrections as may be required. The practices of sharing industry-wide best practices, case studies and knowledge assimilation is well established in the company.

Vocational Training

  • As an important stakeholder for holistic vocational training initiatives in AC &R and MEP fields for school drop-outs, Blue Star has pursued vocational training initiatives through meaningful partnerships in industry-specific programmes with NGO’s, industry bodies and other like-minded cooperate bodies across the country. Indo- German Institute of Advanced Technology, Vishakapatnam; Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust, chennai; Gyan Prakash Foundation, Pune; and Himalayan Group of Professional Institutions in Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh and Karnel, Haryana are some of these projects.
  • Blue Star’s training personal contribute to the set-up of customized classrooms and practical labs, curriculum development, training of trainers, monitoring the quality of sessions and imparting lectures on a regular basis at these centres. The company constantly encourages its employees to dedicate their time and energy on a pro bono basis to impart employable skills at these centres, drawing from their extensive work experience. This initiative contributes to build a fresh young talent pool for the building engineering industry.
  • The Dadra, Wada and Ahmedabad factories as well as the R &D facility at Thane hired apprentices under National employability. Through Apprenticeship Program (NE TAP) – a Public Private Partnership of Team Lease Skills University; CIT; All India Council For Technical Education; and National Skills Development Cooperation under the HRD Ministry. This initiative lends the much needed thrust for on-the-job training and boosts job creation by aligning skills of the workforce to the Industry’s needs.
  • Around 60 apprentices under NETAP were trained for showrooms/sales outlets. Many of them are women belonging to lesser privileged backgrounds who get an opportunity to become earning members of their families. The on-the-job training module provides them with an excellent exposure to the modern format trade and retail landscape and to imbibe related skill set.