Online Fall Classes on for international students

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Online Fall Classes on for international students

Online Fall Classes on for international students

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International students across the United States can now heave a sigh of relief after the announcement that the Trump Administration has rescinded the decision to deny visa to international students who will take online classes instead of in-person classes starting this fall.


The controversial visa guidelines announced last week, received a backlash from the public, students and academic institutions who not only questioned its legality but also wondered what sinister motive could have motivated the presidency to approve such degenerative guidelines.


The uproar resulted in 17 universities, among them Harvard University and MIT filing court cases in opposition to the directive, 8 other federal lawsuits and general opposition by more than 120 Universities across the nation.


In what is seen as bowing to the immense pressure, the Trump administration has rescinded the decision, reporting through the preceding judge that they are willing to maintain the “status quo.” U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs disclosed the decision by the federal immigration authorities to rescind the decision at the commencement of the hearing of the case filed by MIT and Harvard University over the matter.



An attorney standing in for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Dpt of Homeland Security confirmed that the averements of Judge Allison were accurate and that the rule had been withdrawn.


“This is a great reprieve for millions of international students who were staring at the risk of deportation over an issue they could not influence as well as universities who are reassessed an apt response to ensure the safety of their students amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,” Said a representative of Harvard University.


Under the new Visa policy, U.S. based international students would be forbidden from registering for online fall classes. The immigration authorities would not issue visas to students whose universities and colleges planned to only offer virtual online fall classes this September, including Harvard and MIT.


The students, thus, would be required to transfer to schools offering in-person classes or face deportation.


Pundits feel that the directive was a subtle move by the Trump administration to compel the opening of schools for in-person classes by fall. They feel that Trump has seen the laxity of universities to reopen and felt that it was the right time to coerce them into decision making by attacking their very core source of revenue, the international students.


Earlier (13th March), a different guide that suspended the limits for online classes during the CoViD-19 pandemic. As such, the current directive could only be ill-informed since the pandemic was yet to be substantially contained.


While MIT and Harvard were the first to oppose the move, more than 200 schools joined in, signing court brief in support of the opposition by the two leading schools.


International students who were worried about whether they should register for online fall classes are now free to do so.


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