Our Writers

Our writers are our greatest pride and asset.

Because of the kind of magic that they do, our clients are able to get excellent grades and have more free time in their courses of study. We have steadily grown our writing team to a team of qualified writers who can work on a number of academic subjects.

Here is all you need to know about our writers:


Who Are Our Writers?

Our writersAll the writers that we work with possess a high degree of professional knowledge and in-depth subject comprehension.

In addition to that, they also possess a great commitment to quality as well as a considerable experience in what they do.

Our writers are native English speakers, sourced from the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. All of our writers hold at least a masters’ degree and are basically the top in their lines of studies. With more than 100 disciplines and over 500 writers, this is the best team to work with.

The team is also composed of a good percentage of practising faculty members and retired faculty members. in lieu of this 47% of our writers are Ph.D. holders making them capable of handling all types of work.

Our Sourcing Policy

Superb Acdemics writers team recruitmentAll our writers have to pass two main tests that we offer before they are accepted to join our team. As professionals, we have a rigorous recruitment process that will ensure we are only left with the best.

The first test seeks to examine the knowledge a writer has in a given academic field.

The second test will measure the level of English proficiency. Here, the writer would be expected to write a sample paper so as to ascertain his/her language proficiency levels. If both tests bear good results, and the essay is written appropriately, then we move to the next stage hiring process.

Each candidate who has successfully passed the tests will undergo an interview. This is where the personal qualities of the candidates are evaluated to ensure they are ready for the job at hand.

The last and the most important stage in our sourcing process is the probation. During a given number of days, a candidate will work under the direct supervision of certain professional writers. They will check the papers and provide feedback based on the paper’s quality.


SuperbAcademics writersOne thing that we usually do is to constantly support the development of all our writers’ skills. We will continue to train our writers so that they adhere to the needs of our clients. We also regularly train our writers to ensure that they respect the set deadlines and generally improve the score of our clients. With this thorough training and professional expertise that our writers have, our customers would normally score an average of 90 and above. It is highly important to us that we hire writers who are committed to nothing but the creation of top-rated writing works.

The Editing Department

Once the work has been submitted, it is taken through a rigorous process of editing and reviewing. The editing team reviews the paper for all aspects of quality measurement and only deliver it to the client when it is top-notch.

We ensure that all our works meet the requirements and standards set by the client and the university.


The Revision Policy

Revision for your papersAt Superbacademics.com, customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our writers are trained to produce premium work that would satisfy all the unique needs of our customers. However, when a customer strongly feels that the completed work is not in line with the instructions they had earlier given, they can make a request for a revision. At this point, it would be important to note the following;

  • The revision will only be free if it is made within the confines of the instructions that the customer had provided for the original order. It must adhere to the original requirements made by the customer in the original order.
  • When certain deviations are made in the specifications of the original order.
  • The customer is at liberty to request for a new writer to handle the revision.

At superbacademics.com, we are committed to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction. As such, we will give unlimited revisions up to the point the preferences are made. However, all revision requests must be genuine and reasonable.


Order Assigning

Once you place your order and subsequently complete the payment process, it will be made available for the writer to review.

That would then lead to the next process, which is the bidding process. At our writing company, the bids are reviewed by both the Writers’ department and the Editing department. The bids are then reviewed so that the most qualified one can be identified.

At Superbacademics.com, projects are not just assigned to writers before ascertaining their qualification and experience.  To arrive at the most qualified candidate, the following criteria is observed;

  • The academic qualification of the candidate has to be top of the class. The assignment would only be assigned to a writer who surpasses all when it comes to academic qualifications.
  • The writer also has to show a great experience on the subject at hand. We have writers who are experts in various academic fields and they individually excel when assigned projects in their academic domains.
  • We also check how recent a similar topic was handled by a particular writer. This is important because such writers have fresh experience in handling a similar topic as compared to others.
  • The overall score of the writer is also ascertain as given by the customers’ feedback on the works he/she has handled.

Once all these have been put into consideration, and the order is assigned to a writer, they would start working on the project immediately.

Once the job is complete, it is then delivered to the editing department. As stated in the beginning, we are committed to ensuring that we give all our customers the best. Therefore, we will ensure the paper is properly edited to get rid of any error that may be present.

Once edited, the project would then be submitted to the customer for they personal review and assessment.

Come to the Best!

At Superbacademics.com, we work with a professional team of writers who are trained to deliver nothing but quality works. They are capable of writing on nearly all topics. That is how we have been able to attain a high quality of customer service and delivery of quality work. When you make an order from us, there is nothing to worry about as your work will be handled with the best in the whole market.