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Research Report- Emerging TEchnologies


You are working for a corporation. You are in charge of implementing new technologies in your organization. Select one of the emerging technologies we covered in this class. For example, 4D printing or Robotics. Write a convincing proposal for your company why they should be implementing this technology you selected.

Your paper should include: a detailed description of:

1.Detailed description of the technology that you selected.

2.Why it is important that the technology adopt this technology.

3.What benefits does this technology provide the organization.

4.What challenges would you have implementing this technology.

5. Provide examples of other organizations that successfully implemented this technology.

Sample Solution

Sprint Planning Meeting focusses on planning the work to be done during a Sprint. Sprint Planning Meeting is typically of duration of of four hours for two weeks sprints and eight hours for one-month Sprints. The Scrum Master needs to ensure that the meeting takes place and that all the required attendees are present and understand the purpose of this meeting. He also moderates the meeting to monitor the sustenance of discussion and closure on time.
Sprint Planning focuses on the following:
• What all tasks need to be and can be delivered in the Sprint Increment?
• How will the work needed for the execution of Sprint be achieved?
The inputs to this meeting are:
• Product Backlog
• Current product Increment
• Projected capacity of the Team during the Sprint
• Past performance of the Team
The Scrum Team first talks/discuss about the the functionalities that can be developed during the Sprint and the Product Owner provides clarifications on the Product Backlog items. Since The team is the best to assess what they can accomplish in the Sprint, they selects the items from the Product Backlog for the Sprint.
The Scrum Team then comes up with a goal called Sprint Goal. It is an objective that provides insight to the Team on why it is building the Product Increment. The Team then decides on building the selected functionality from the backlog into a working product Increment. Sprint Backlog is thus, the Product Backlog items selected for this Sprint plus the plan for delivering them.
Estimation of the work to be done during the sprint is done during sprint planning which can be of varying size and/or effort. After the Sprint Planning meeting, the work is divided into tasks of the assigned duration, typically one day or less. This is to ensure that the work is easily allocated and tracked till completion. If the Team finds that it has a lot or very less work, it can renegotiate the previously selected Product Backlog items with the Product Owner.
The Team may also invite other resources who are not part of Scrum Team to obtain technical or domain advice or help in estimation, to attend the Sprint Planning meeting.