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Resources in your community for the vulnerable populations

How effective are the resources in your community for the vulnerable populations we have discussed over the past 2 weeks? In which areas is there room for improvement?


Sample Solution

The famous German economist, Max Webber has dedicated much of his time carefully analyzing the evolution of organizations from the early first traces of management, much before management was granted significant importance, as it was not until the beginning of the 19th century that it became an interesting subject of research shortly after the industrial revolution.

In his studies, the German economist found out that organizations which were run in the Feudal period by the few influential classes like famous aristocratic families, had in fact benefited from the advanced problem solving capabilities of a relatively small group of people with titles such as “councilors” who, even though restricted in taking decisions, possessed many of the skills attributed today to the top managers who help run companies efficiently.

Defining Management

Throughout history defining Management has often resulted in intense debates among specialists because many of the given definitions were in fact only partially describing the object of the managerial activity without successfully illustrating it’s true complexity.

The Encyclopedic Dictionary defines Management as being “the assembly of organizational and leading activities with the purpose of adopting optimal decisions in projecting and controlling the microeconomic processes; The science of organizing and leading enterprises.”