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Satirical aspects found in Chaucer’s characters or tales.


After reading the assigned literature and this week’s online learning resources, develop a main thread that addresses any two of the following prompts:

Identify some satirical aspects found in Chaucer’s characters or tales.
Discuss the concept of “courtly love” and how it is epitomized and/or critiqued in Chaucer’s work.
Out of the stories you read, what character left the biggest impression on you? Briefly describe that character and their significance to their tale, or the work as a whole.
How do any of these tales, and/or the Canterbury Tales as a whole, compare to anything we’ve read in weeks 1-6? Think about this in terms of style, tone, structure, characters, or theme.

Sample Solution

Personnel interviewed:

• Senior Director of Finance and Administration – responsible for quarterly and annual financial reports, annual expenditure budgeting, review, monitor, and compare the budget to actual results, allocates short-term investment funds, collects pledge receivables, and other financial related tasks.

• HR and Office Administration Manager – A wide array of responsibilities including human resources, manages employee benefit plans, payroll, provide approvals for daily cash inflow and outflow transaction, and other administrative tasks.

• Communication and Social Media Manager – Communication of YPF’s mission to the public as well as updates YPF news and events in social media, acting as backup Park photographer beside Tom Murphy to add visual aids to better telling YPF stories.

• Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relationships – Manages donations that range from $1,000 – $9,999, and related donor relationship maintenance as well as cultivating new donors for the Park projects.

• Opinions were also gathered from our school accounting assistant instructor, Kristena Mills, who was previously working as the Director of Finance at YPF for over 10 years.