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Strategies for accommodating and modifying for diverse learners


Present the following information for each type of assessment in graphic organizer form:

· Description of the assessment

· Purpose or when appropriate to use

· Strengths and weaknesses

· Strategies for accommodating and modifying for diverse learners

· Strategy for providing effective timely feedback

Provide at least two examples of each assessment.

Generate a list of links to websites where additional information may be obtained on each type of assessment.


Sample Solution

For companies like EEI, investing in an HRM strategy can be time consuming and costly (either hiring an HR Manager or due to the training required). The time needed to be implemented and accepted can worsen the current bad situation.

Customer driven industry. The company has issues to resolve regarding the human element. Employee satisfaction decreases; and that reflects on the services they provide (Weiss 1999)

Also, factors like financial profitability and marketing exposure can influence the people’s contribution to that and undermine it (Dyer and Reeves et al. 1995, citied in Rogers and Wright et al. 1998).van

Overall, event companies such as EEI should invest in HRM resources, as they would give them the opportunity to handle humans more appropriately.


As the company has grown, the needs change. This is why an overall strategy must be developed.

Balance is needed while implementing the models. People working in event companies such as EEI have to meet certain deadlines and procedures while planning the events they are responsible for and during their ?duration?. Moreover, since the company hasn’t had a strategy over the years, things should go step-by-step and don’t apply the hard model of HRM Things often have to be done in a specific way -as the managers say- to maximize the results. That’s why they need to be controlled and get guidance from their supervisors.
On the other hand, though, the higher management team of the company should allow their employees -and mainly the paid full time and often the part time staff- to act freely, improvise for the best of the event’s outcome whey necessary. That’s when they really improve and feel that their opinions and skills value.