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Summary of rules

Choose 10 points/ rules from the attached PDF file and summarize them in other words and understandable.
– I will upload examples of how it should be done and how it should look.

Sample Solution

Human resources in the global Competitive Game has many strategic enablers that aim to support the organization in achieving its vision and mission and strategic goals. One of the HR strategic focus is the advancement of the performance management practices in the organization. Since the key purpose of Performance Management in the global competitive advantage is that employees competencies and productivity and their potentiality are driven towards achieving the Strategic goals of the organization. This makes Performance Management more critical due to the increased pressures of globalization that requires solid competencies and skills and talents in order to sail in the competitive environment and maintain sustainability.

Background about the cultural context in KSA and at Al-Rajhi Bank.

Al Rajhi Bank is a fully Islamic Sharia compliant bank operating in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 89.56% of its customers deal with the bank as it fulfils their Islamic banking requirements. They believe that none of Al Rajhi Bank banking products contradicts with the religious believes. They consider interests/profits should not come based on financial lending but based on trading and investments. So, profits are derived from trading through using their deposits like exporting , importing or buying metals and selling it to others. These transactions lead to gain profit and not by crediting interests to their accounts based on the interests gained from borrowers.