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STEP 1:  Fill Order Details

Enter your particular order details to our highly interactive ordering form. The form is self-guiding; having drop-down menus from which you can choose what applies to your order. It is important to ensure you fill all the fields. Also, ensure you attach files (if any)
that are vital for the order completion.
If new, you will be prompted to create an account by sharing some personal data including name, phone number and email. Your data is save with us.

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STEP 2: Make Payment

Once you fill all the order details and paper requirements, click the “checkout” button to enter the payment page and make payment. We process our payments through the very secure PayPal’s merchant checkout system that has a buyer and seller protection. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal.

If your budget is below the quote, feel free to chat us on our live chat and take advantage of our many discounts.

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STEP 3: Order is Assigned a Writer

Once you place and pay for your order, best writers review it and show interest by bidding. Our writers department then awards the order to the most suited writer in terms of expertise, customer reviews and internal quality audit record.

All our writers are top of their class masters and Ph.D. experts picked from world leading universities.

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STEP 4: Quality Audit

Once done, the chosen writer sends the completed order to the quality assurance department for a quality audit. Our compliance auditors are highly experienced university dons, who understand what tutors look for in papers.
The auditors review the paper for adherence to instruction, apt formatting and referencing, word count, and plagiarism.

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STEP 5: Submission

Your completed paper is uploaded to the system or email (You may also receive a plagiarism report if you request). You can then download, review it and suggest any revisions if there be need. Normally, our clients only need to review the cover page and document author.
You will always receive an email notification whenever the paper is ready.

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