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The impact of health care marketing and digital campaigns in our everyday lives

the impact of health care marketing and digital campaigns in our everyday lives

the vital importance of the application of social responsibility and ethical approaches to health care marketing practices

provide examples of three (3) practical ethical and socially responsible guidelines to be followed when marketing health care products to children 5 to 11 years and adolescents 12 to 17 years old

Sample Solution

Reflective observation: before the first seminar began I was made aware that we would be split in to groups this made me feel anxious as I had no idea who my group members would be and what they would be like. During the seminar I felt relief when I knew I was in a group with a friend of mine but I was still nervous and felt apprehensive towards the other group members. However as I introduced myself to the other members and they introduced themselves to me I felt my anxiety lessen as found by (Marletta, Sarli, Caricati & Mancini, 2017). Although apprehensive and anxious I was excited about the opportunity to make more friends and get to know more of my class mates. The other thing that I found to be anxiety provoking was the thought of the presentation and the fact that I had to rely on other people to produce a good standard of work to be complied in the presentation. I had to rely on the rest of the group members having good presentation skills I think it’s this reason why I decided to take the lead for the first few sessions which could have resulted in some members not feeling able to speak up this has also been found in MDTs by Lichtenstein et al. 2004. I felt angry and irritated about some members lack of commitment as not everyone turned up to every meeting with some people missing meetings more than one occasion I found this to be frustrating as it produced anxiety about the quality of the information within the presentation. Research has found that the group dynamic is effected by each members dedication to the end goal the presentation (Forsyth, 2018). As a results of this the absent members received a debrief of what we disused at the meeting from me. At points I might have been a bit overbearing and my frustration may have come across. As we discussed how we wanted to present our presentation I felt confused as there was a suggestion by a team member that we should all dress up as e.g. a psychiatrist and other suggestions (right before we presented our presentation to the class) of using a stick man to explain our chosen roles. This all produced heated debate which made me feel uncomfortable and resulting in me taking a step back as the role of leader and not really contributing to this debate which was ultimately solved through negotiation (McGrath & Holewa, 2006).