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The importance of Service Design

Discuss the importance of Service Design and specifically how Service design improves both Customer Experience and User Experience. Detail how both CX and UX benefit from Service Design.

The secondary topics that could be used to, only, compliment the core question:

• understanding the experience economy as a development of the service economy;

• categorizing the main elements of the service package model;

• critically evaluating the strategic role of service management within organizations;

• describing the main components of service design and operations.

Sample Solution

Marketing capabilities are specific type of organizational capability is which could be defined as the integrative process of applying and linking shared organizational knowledge, skills, and resources to market-related needs (Vohries and Harker, 2000, Tsai &Shih 2004). Marketing capability is a key to the market-related deployment mechanism that helps an organization to acquire, combine, and transform its market-based resources to assist it to achieve its desired performance (Day, 1994; Morgan, Vorhies, & Mason, 2009). The present study focuses on the value of a set of specific marketing capabilities like product development capabilities, customer relationship management capabilities and channel building. These capabilities enables the firm to become more effective through applying marketing concepts and leveraging market-based resources which are necessary elements. These capabilities may be rare, valuable, Non-substitutable, and inimitable sources of competitive advantage and provide superior firm performance ( Dutta et al., 2003; Vorhies and Morgan, 2005). Marketing capability enables a firm to provide value to its products and meet the competition challenges (Day, 1994; Vorhies et al., 1999; Vorhies & Morgan, 2005), and plays a critical role in the deployment of market-based resources to sense respond to the dynamic market environment (Morgan et al., 2009; Murray et al., 2011). Thus summing up the above it is suggested that marketing capabilities forms the core layer in the firm for generating competitive advantage. The literature also notifies that firms possessing marketing capabilities, report superior competitive advantage across various industries Thus, the following hypotheses have been presented: