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The overall ’causes’ of crime

What is the assumption about the cause of deviance or criminality presented in the article? Think about the assumptions of the overall ’causes’ of crime that we have looked at over the semester. For example, does the article point to societal causes (such as poverty) or individual ones (like substance addiction or mental illness)? Support your point with evidence from the article.
What are two theories that could be used to understand the events described in the news article? How are the theories similar, and how are they different in their analysis of the crime? What are some of the limitations of each theory in relation to the deviance/crime in your article? Explain your reasoning with support from academic sources.
What would the suggested policies or solutions to the event described in the article be under both the theoretical explanations? What would the ‘social control’ actions be based on your chosen theories? You should present two policies/programs/social control actions for each theory. Explain your position clearly, connect your argument to your news article, and support your position with academic sources.



Sample Solution

1. Neediness

This is maybe quite possibly the most substantial reason why individuals carry out violations. Financial hardship is viewed as a significant provocateur in such manner. You will be stunned to realize that 3 billion individuals in this world are classified as poor and living on a very lower for every capita pay. UNICEF says more than 1 billion youngsters are living in destitution around the world. In excess of 20,000 kids pass on because of neediness consistently. In a nation where monetary hardship is wild, it is normal for individuals to participate in criminal demonstrations. The appetite and poor monetary conditions are what leads many individuals to put themselves in criminal cases.

Moreover, when individuals can’t procure for quite a while, they frequently begin getting disappointed. The believe it or not, by the most recent exploration, the computerized medium and TV assume a vital part in informing individuals concerning how a few criminal demonstrations can be purchased to life. We live in a period where the rich are getting more extravagant, and the poor are getting less fortunate each and every day.

2. Peer Pressure

This is another type of worry in the advanced world. Numerous youngsters perpetrate violations since they see a ton of their friends participating in such demonstrations. It is normal for secondary school understudies and school going understudies to participate in drugs, weed, cannabis and much more. Youthful age is exceptionally basic since one isn’t loaded up with astuteness and experience which is the reason a many individuals wrongly become lawbreakers for reasons unknown by any means. Most adolescents who don’t have a solid will to disregard or stand up to minor criminal demonstrations regularly wind up engaging in huge difficulties. Sadly numerous youngsters in this world don’t understand that they’re doing different criminal demonstrations by being a piece of things they shouldn’t be. In this manner peer pressure is one more famous justification behind why youngsters are constrained into joining the fleeting trend.

3. Drugs

Drugs have consistently been exceptionally reprimanded by pundits. An individual who is dependent on medication will at one point in time accomplish something he/she shouldn’t do. Drug addicts are frequently unfit to dispose of compulsion because of which their life begins getting loaded up with unfortunate quirks. A helpless way of life urges an individual to take on propensities which he/she should separate themselves from. After research, when the most ridiculously savage crooks were gotten some information about their wrongdoings, they accused drugs as the principle reason. Illicit drug use is another wildly developing sickness which has gradually embodied many areas of the planet. As numerous as 0.7 million individuals pass on from illicit drug use in US alone.

4. Governmental issues

This issue is regularly hidden away from plain view however is essential to acquire it the spotlight. The drive to get that seat is the thing that swings numerous government officials to furnish the young people with weapons and perform crimes. These days it is normal for government officials to enlist hordes and lease individuals at lower costs to break into a structure or start a conflict like circumstance inside the country. Governmental issues have consistently been the subject of extreme media examination, and the honestly, it is generally expected the mother of the multitude of issues in countries which haven’t balanced out. In non-industrial nations it is normal for lawmakers to kill individuals and to be viewed blameworthy of homicide. There have been a few cases in Asian nations where lawmakers were viewed blameworthy of having killed their kin in masses.

5. Religion

Religion is one more disputable piece of this world. Nobody can escape from the reality; individuals actually battle on racial partitions and partisan issues in the public eye. Despite the fact that rehearsing own religion is a fundamental common liberty, yet numerous uninformed and uneducated individuals neglect to get it. In a few criminal cases, zealots have been blamed for killing guiltless individuals dependent on their way of thinking. Particularly in ardently strict networks it is normal for individuals to cleave off the tops of their kin on the off chance that they observe someone discussing the advanced world. Be that as it may, in cutting edge and mainstream nations, the criminal rate in view of religion is genuinely less.

6. Family Conditions

Family is likewise a flimsy part of any individual who is going to perpetrate a wrongdoing. In the event that you’re not having the option to accommodate the whole family as a needy individual, at one point in time you will consider strolling the negative way to get what your family needs. Much of the time, when individuals are asked, they guarantee they need to accommodate the family on account of which they wind up stalling out in jail. There are numerous things which continue inside the family, convincing an individual to engage in crimes. Numerous youngsters participate in crimes for they accept it is their obligation to deal with family regardless of whether it means to carry out a lawful offense. In many homicide cases, youngsters are frequently gotten who then, at that point, clarified how the rich pay off them liberally to do something they shouldn’t.

7. The Society

Cultural standards and principles have consistently been effective. We live in a day and age where cash is esteemed more than connections and a typical norm of life. In the drive to succeed; many individuals neglect to make a boundary between their necessities and needs. In a general public where even colleges are encouraging kids to bring in cash as opposed to understanding its worth, one can never say violations will not be submitted. A few guardians have a peculiar propensity for contrasting their youngsters and different children which is the reason their children frequently enjoy crimes to rake in boatloads of cash. At the point when individuals parade their abundance in the public eye it is normal for less advantaged individuals to feel constrained to acquire more. Accordingly on the off chance that you’re parading your abundance before poor people and destitute or anybody from a working class foundation, you’re adding to the wrongdoing details of the general public somehow or another.

8. Joblessness

This soaring element in numerous nations is frequently the fundamental justification for why such countless individuals perpetrate wrongdoings. You will be stunned to know over 30% of individuals in this world are jobless. It is very baffling after one neglects to find a new line of work post reading up for quite a long time in secondary school and college. Joblessness isn’t only an issue applicable to the agricultural nations yet similarly normal in created nations. Sadly individuals spend large chunk of change on their schooling, yet only sometimes go over a steady employment promptly post the finishing of their investigations. Most youths annihilate their vocations when they take part in crimes from the beginning in their lives.

9. Hardship

This is one more significant justification behind crime percentages expanding each day. In nations where there is financial hardship of even the fundamental freedoms, it is normal for individuals to dissident and progress into doing infamous exercises. Moreover in little networks it is normal for individuals to participate in battles about land, property, abundance and so forth Consequently to get their voices heard, many individuals carry out wrongdoings so that the world might be able to see what they’ve done. Particularly during political races, it is normal for irate individuals to obliterate vehicles, houses and properties to let the public authority know how merciless they can be if not qualified for their freedoms.

10. Unreasonable legal framework

Individuals who are not served equity become antagonistic and frequently take part in wrongdoings. However the vast majority of the courtrooms attempt to give a valiant effort in the light of accessible proof and all, yet now and again the blameless are demonstrated liable in the court which propels them to show the monstrous side of their character to the world. Upwards of thousands of individuals fault the legal framework as unjustifiable and perpetrate wrongdoings. Many regularly kill the individuals from the triumphant party when equity isn’t served to them. In many non-industrial nations, it is normal for individuals in little networks to kill each other dependent on straightforward issues. Assuming you’re from US and need to meet an appropriate criminal legal counselor by virtue of a family member or companion you should look through Los Angeles criminal legal advisor to get a rundown of all functioning experts of that state.