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The role and importance of the cardiovascular system

You are asked to be a guest speaker in a high school Health class. Your assigned topic to discuss is the role and importance of the cardiovascular system. Please include your lesson plan notes here (in Word), including the main functions of the cardiovascular system, emphasizing why this system is important for physically active individuals. Include also: two training effects we can see in the cardiovascular system with endurance training (physiological benefits of doing cardio workouts) and conclude with the flow of oxygen from the pulmonary capillaries to the heart and onto the working muscles, and then the flow of CO2 (where did that come FROM?? Hint: ETC) back to the lungs. This may be completed in list form, or with dashes/ arrows, and should include all structures the blood must flow through along the path (i.e. ‘heart’ is not acceptable, but listing the specific atria and ventricles would be). Proper grammar and spelling must be used to earn full credit.

Sample Solution

Daily Scrum Meetings
The Daily Scrum Meeting is a daily 15-minute meeting (also called Daily stand up meeting) for the entire Team, aimed to make the team understand the work since the last Daily Scrum Meeting and create the next plan. The meeting is usually held at the same place and same place every day to minimize complexity.
During the meeting, each Team member explains:
• What they did yesterday that helped the Team meet the Sprint Goal?
• What will they do today to help the Team meet the Sprint Goal?
• Is there any impediments that might prevent them from meeting the Sprint Goal?
Daily Scrum is a planning event but is mistaken to be a status tracking event
The focus of the meeting should be on how the team is doing to ensure they are on track for the Sprint Goal, and the outcome of the meeting should focus on a new or revised plan that optimizes the team’s efforts in meeting the Sprint Goal.
The Meeting is the responsibility of the Team, even though the Scrum Master coordinates the Daily Scrum Meeting and ensures that the objectives of the meeting are met.
The Team may also meet immediately after the Daily Scrum Meeting in case they need a detailed discussion or want to re-plan the rest of the Sprint’s work.
Daily Scrum Meetings have the following benefits:
• Improved communication within the Team
• Identify obstacles or bottlenecks, if any, in order to ensure an early removal of the same, minimizing impact on the Sprint
• Promoting pro-activeness
• Improved level of knowledge in the team