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Theories Of Prevention

               " Individuals living with mental health and incarcerated " This is the Topic the community problem


Consider Theories of Prevention related to a community problem.
Create a section in your Social Change Portfolio called “Part 3: Theories of Prevention” and add an applicable theory(ies) and include the following:
2 theories you can apply to the prevention program to address the target problem I identified and Individuals living with mental health and incarcerated" justify why this theory(ies) is/are appropriate for the problem and population you identified. 
Please do not choose the social-ecological theory, as it was utilized in the previous section.
Briefly summarize research support for the theory or theories you       chose
Identify an existing evidence-based program for this targeted problem. The “What Works” documents in the learning resources contain excellent examples to choose from.

Sample Solution

Recruitment is a product of the dire need of the company. No organization kick starts the process of recruitment without a definite and specific need in the organization. As a consequence, prior to the recruitment process, the importance of stating the HRM plan which also embodies the organization’s strategic vision is imperative. McDonalds approach in the recruitment process begins with an internal appraisal and evaluation of its current employees, to determine if there is an employee who could take on the vacancy, if it is either a line manager or main manager position. As established by Aizzat Mohd Nasurdin, 2011, the innovativeness of McDonalds should be reflected from its HRM practice. As a result of this, it is highly pertinent for the organization to adopt a flexible method in the selection of its managers. Though, experiences might have shown that, the performance of managers who grew in the organization exceed those who are externally recruited. As established by Howe, 1995, that before a recruitment decision can be made, the organization must reflect upon any vacancy that occurs and link the decisions to the objectives set by the HR plan of the organization. The selection process utilized by McDonalds should be upgraded also. The use of online platforms in writing exams can also be adopted to test the intelligence quotient of the applicants. Limiting the selection process to the CVs or forms filled by applicants, seems too shady a process in the selection of quality employees. According to Mazur Barbara, 2014, the evaluation of the social, political, environmental and economic opportunities and the integration of the findings to the HRM practice will help McDonalds to achieve a sustainable development. The major practice of the McDonalds HRM methodology and procedures, is the time allotted for the probation of their incoming staffs. The 21 days probation period is very little to evaluate and appraise a staff before confirming such a staff as a permanent staff. The major areas in which the staff performance needs to be appraise should include: professional knowledge and qualifications, personality characteristics, and personal requirements. The last two parameters are very essential and crucial, because it determines the level of effectiveness to be anticipated from the employee. These two important criteria cannot be determined in 21 days. Therefore, the probation period should be increase to at least 90 days for effective evaluation before the decision for issuing a permanent staffing status to an employee