Things to Avoid in a Thesis Statement

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November 13, 2018
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Things to Avoid in a Thesis Statement

Write my thesisThings to Avoid in a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most important yet very challenging part of writing an essay, report, and term papers. Unless you learn how to write the best thesis statement, your essays cannot score top grades.

This is why you must perfect your thesis statement writing skills.

Our main intention is to help you excel in your academics, and that’s why we have this guide that would note the common mistakes to be avoided in a thesis statement. Here are the most common mistakes to be avoided in a thesis statement.

Avoid Too Broad Statement

In essay writing, the two most important things are precision and focus. That explains why it’s not right to include many details in the statement that would be your topic’s main focus. You might be unable to meet the expectation of the reader if you write statements that are too broad.

It would be important to narrow down the main emphasis of the broad thesis by highlighting some aspects of the issues you want to cover in the essay. Broad statements do not actually cover larger scopes of issues as people might think.

Avoid Statements That Don’t Adequately Represent the Contents Of The Paper

This mistake has direct links to using statements that are too broad. As a matter of fact, broad statements do not introduce the main points covered in the text. Specific and narrow thesis statements serve the main objective of the paper in a better way.

If the statement differs from the main content on the paper, your readers will be thrown into confusion as there will be no unity and coherence in the entire essay. One thing that every person writing a thesis statement shouldn’t forget is that they are responsible for creating a roadmap for the paper. Therefore, the thesis statement should match the contents of the letter in a perfect way.

Statement That Just Describes a Fact

The other thing that should be avoided in thesis statement are statements that only describe a fact as opposed to describing the arguable claim. Even though a sentence that has a strong fact usually make a perfect thesis statement, they do not have debatable points.

Sentences that are just strong but lack complexity and some depth cannot work well in a thesis statement. A thesis statement, on the other hand, is the one that presents something that is worth studying and discussing.

Statements That Give Personal Opinions

This is one of the common mistakes done by those who are new to academic writing. The use of statements that has terms such as “I believe” or ‘In my opinion” should be avoided in a thesis statement. Although the terms help in highlighting the points that will be argued in the paper, they tend to understate the power of the dispute given in the thesis statement.

On top of that, such terms underline the author’s idea subjectivity, which can’t be the object of academic research.

Statements That Have Wrong Formats

Students tend to use the same thesis statement format they have mastered when writing even unrelated essays. After thorough consideration, the format of a thesis statement that works best for a persuasive essay is not usually suitable for a descriptive essay {for instance}.

Therefore, it is very important to study various types of thesis statements and range them based on the type of writing.


Statements That Have Oversimplified Arguments

Writing a comprehensible and concise thesis statement is not an easy task. In the process, the student ends up oversimplifying some of the statements they write. This creates statements that are dumbed down and does not, in any way, represent the essay’s contents in an effective manner.

Even though creating an ideal thesis statement is not easy, your success will be determined by how hard to try to avoid the mentioned mistakes. These tips should be kept in the back of your mind as your draft your next thesis.

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