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Understanding Global Corporate Responsibility

In today’s modern global economy, it is essential for organizations to embrace social and environmental responsibility in order to meet the demands of their stakeholders—investors, consumers, employees, and the communities where they serve.

For this assignment, choose two global organizations. Provide examples of how they are making a positive social impact. Identify their environment, their customers, and the benefits they have achieved through corporate responsibility. Discuss specific ethical issues they are facing and the steps they are taking towards improvement.

Sample Solution

.2. Counter offers

Proposing a counter offer is an evidence based technique to retain hard working and valued employees by the organization. The research shows that approximately 2,3 more employees leave the organization within nine months if their hard working and efficient colleague leaves (HOLTOM, et al., 2008) . Majid Al Futtaim offers retention package which include adjusted workload, stress management techniques, vacation approval, increment in compensation or salary under the pre-defined quota as per the need of hour for employee retention. The retention strategy also include the HR technique of job rotation or enlargement in order to satisfy intrinsic needs of employee. Coaching and mentoring is provided for employees who are dissatisfied due to lack of career development strategies in the organization.

4.3. Exit interviews

The exit interview with the employee who left the organization is a useful retention strategy for Majid Al Futtaim. The exit interview works other departing employee’s complaints or motive to leave the job and adhere to the genuine issue with cautiousness. The exit interview is conducted at the last day of employee’s work at the company which inquires the motive to leave the job, the opinion about workplace environment, the satisfaction with cash and non-cash benefits of the job and more. In seldom conditions, managers and coworkers are also questioned about the motive of leaving the job to know the reason of leaving. MAF maintained the understanding that how remaining workforce can be kept motivated and what is needed to adhere the issues of workforce. In case of high turnover rate, MAF also believes in the revamping of HR strategy in order to proactively identify the issues and manage the morale of remaining workforce.