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1. USES OF MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Develop a list of at least 6 mobile communication device “no nos” (times you should NOT use your mobile communication device. This list is to be behavioral and not about uses. Select situations in which it is not appropriate to use a cell phone.
2. Finally, I want you to respond to a modified version of Question 3 from DotCalm. To what degree are you tethered to the various productivity tools that you use? How essential are these tools to your ability to live and work well? Also, can you think of any ways your devices might be negatively impacting your ability to live and work well? How consistent are your personal use habits with the two values you identified in Part 1 of this assignment?



Sample Solution

. TIME MANAGEMENT: Focuses on time and motion studies to learn how to complete a task in the least amount of time. It creates systems to gain maximum efficiency from workers and machines in the factory.

4. DIVISION OF LABOUR: Division of work is the most important characteristic of classical management theory. Complex tasks are broken down into many simple tasks which can be easily performed by workers.


1. EMPLOYEES HAVE MINIMUM POWER: There is one way of communication in classical management theory. Decisions are made by top level and forward to downward. No suggestions are taken by bottom side of employees.

2. PREDICTED BEHAVIOUR: In classical management theory behaviour of works is predicted like machines. If the worker works according to prediction, set standards, he/she retains in services otherwise replaced.