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Utility and Considerations Regarding Microsoft Excel

In many ways, Microsoft Excel is a practical and effective tool used to organize, process, and interpret data.
Discuss the utility of Microsoft Excel with regard to variability that is inherent in studies.
Identify 3 research scenarios that might provide a low, medium, and high degree of variability in the study data.
Describe how the outcome of a given study can be influenced by variability in the data.


Sample Solution

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In 1508, Machiavelli got a chance to test his new state army. Florence chose to recover Pisa and Machiavelli went to the forefrontsA to order his soldiers. In June 1509, the city of Pisa was recovered with progress. Pisa was fundamentally owed to Machiavelli’s volunteer army. In 1512 in Pisa there were numerous occasions that additional up which brought about an assault by Pope Julius II in Florence. After the conflict, Soderini was eliminated from the workplace and the Medici family assumed command over Florence. Machiavelli was eliminated from office when this occurred because of Soderini being taken out from office. Right off the bat in 1513, an enemy of Medici trick was found. Machiavelli tragically was blamed for being an assistant. He guaranteed he was blameless all through jail. At long last, Machiavelli was delivered however limitations. Machiavelli then went to reside beyond Florence at a house he had acquired from his dad. During this time Machiavelli composed The Prince.

Machiavelli guaranteed The Prince to act as a manual for making and clutching a territory, in manners that frequently helped individuals, however maybe by implication. Machiavelli recollected how well off the French were on the grounds that they were joined under one sovereign, and he needed something similar for Italy for he was devoted and valued his opportunity.

Machiavelli likewise planned the book to carry him back into favor with the Medici family, so he could recover his administration presents and start on institute a portion of his thoughts. The Prince is committed to Lorenzo de’ Medici, who was classified “il Magnifico”. At the point when Duke Lorenzo de’ Medici, who didn’t lean toward him kicked the bucket, and Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici came to manage Florence, the Cardinal had Machiavelli chosen official student of history of Florence. Following five years he gave Pope Giulio de’ Medici his eight-volume work Istorie fiorentine, for which he got 120 florins. In 1526, he enlisted in the Pope’s military in the assault of the Holy Roman domain until