20 Reasons Why You Must Hire Professional Dissertation Editor

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November 5, 2018
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November 9, 2018
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20 Reasons Why You Must Hire Professional Dissertation Editor

20 Reasons Why You Must Hire Professional Dissertation Editor

Are wondering whether you should hire a professional dissertation editor? We answer this question succinctly.

When it comes to dissertation writing, “Two is better than one”

This is a saying that does not only apply in relationships but also in academia.

Ever asked yourself why peer-reviewed journal articles are the most revered pieces of research?

Because “two eyes will always be better than one.” It is for the same reason why you must hire a professional Dissertation editor and writer.

There are a number of troubles that students face in their quest to earn their degrees:

The trouble of getting a dissertation accepted by the faculty surpasses them all

In most cases, doctoral, masters and undergraduate students are forced to revise their papers severally so that the papers can be free of problems related to content, research, relevance, formatting, grammar, style compliance and mechanics. The student is compelled to be a professional dissertation editor and proofreader.

Finishing these revisions might not only be time-consuming but also very frustrating, particularly if the students have to meet the deadlines before they are conferred their degrees. Moreover, being a professional dissertation editor for a paper who contents you have written is almost impossible. You can be certain that some aspects of omission and commission errors will evade your scrutiny.

When doctoral candidates seek the services of a skilled dissertation editor, they make sure their dissertations are free of the technical and grammatical issues that normally delay the degree conferral.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Dissertation Editor?

There are four main factors that steer the successful editing process of a candidate’s dissertation; cost and time, expertise, career impact and stress.

Time & Cost

The lives of doctoral students are very complicated. 39.8% of the doctoral students in the United States alone are married, while 28.4% have dependents. A staggering 86% have day jobs that they may attend to, besides their studies.

These students must juggle a lot to ensure that they attend classes, study and carry out various research. They have to meet the costs of their degree programs with the expense of maintaining their families, jobs and homes.

It would cost the student much if the degree takes longer, and that cost might be increased by the additional charged credit hours on the study. A professional dissertation editor is the easiest source of a shortened dissertation writing process.

Career Impact

Having to revise various dissertations may lead to serious delays in promotions, salary increases, and employment. Finishing up a dissertation and the subsequent conferral of the degree are always needed to obtain advancement with the current employer of the individual in question.

Delays in the last acceptance, as well as the frustration with the system, might be enough to make certain learners forsake their academic pursuits. Any person who reads the dissertation gets a special impression of the writer; how they think, synthesizes, analyzes, concludes and handles a written expression.

The dissertation, should, therefore, be a clear representation of a professional person, both in communication skills and content knowledge. This is a burden that a professional dissertation editor will always shoulder for you.


Emotional fatigue is one of the major menaces that students deal with. Even though financial pressures, time constraints, and graduate-school environments all amount to student’s stress, a recent study by Barna Research Group revealed it that many graduate students tend to create perfectionism circles that lead to emotional fatigue and exhaustion.

Too much stress to these students may lead to lower work quality, decreased productivity, depression and aggression. Whenever the students rush through their revision process to beat the deadlines set, they might miss some serious errors leading to more revision and editing. To avoid all these, getting the services of a professional editor will work. A professional dissertation editor does this work out of an experience and their love for research. The dissertation or thesis editor and proofreader is also a supervisor for other students in the same field and thus understands what the examining panel wants to see in the dissertation.

The Problem

As indicated earlier, failure to submit a well written dissertation might lead to emotional fatigue and stress. There are preventable career challenges that these students can face if the conferral degree is delayed. Due to their perfectionist traits, doctoral candidates might have to get help elsewhere to curb these repercussions. Getting appropriate and ethical means of saving money and time and lowering the stress associated with all this is essential to the successful completion of the courses.


Here are some of the requirements needed of one who can successfully edit a dissertation (a professional dissertation editor or thesis proofreader):

  • Professional writing skills
  • A proper knowledge of formal English, including capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Familiarity with course requirements like style and formatting.
  • Familiarity with the required style manual like AMA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian etc.


Apart from conveying the content articulately and clearly based on the structure needed by the school, the individual must also make sure that the format and the mechanics of the paper is perfect.


The Advantages

There are several ways in which working with a reputable editing service would be of great help to a doctoral candidate. Here are some of them.

It Lowers Stress

Candidates will be able to continue with their various life endeavours without the unnecessary pressure of editing their works or rereading to get errors. This is one of the critical areas where the services of a professional editor come in.

It Saves Money

Even though the candidates have to pay the editors for their services, it is normally a one-time fee that lead to serious cost-saving. This is because it does away with fees for extra enrollment hours and lost wages or lower salaries due to time offs taken to complete the assignment.

Ensuring Proper Revision

Once the doctoral students seek the services of a professional editor, they will not worry of the minutiae of the process of editing. They will be confident that their editors are competent, knowledgeable, and skilled in the grammar, formatting and writing skills.

Freeing up Time

Candidates will be able to focus on other things as they wait on the editors to return in their dissertations, having full confidence that the hard part will be done for them.

A Way of Enhancing Job Opportunities

Candidates who entrust professional editors with the revision of their doctoral dissertations are ensured of having their degrees conferred in real time. This enhances their ability to compete favourably with other job seekers in job markets that are highly competitive.

Access to Supplemental Services

A number of professional services provide their clients with other services other than just editing. They may include data analysis, research assistance, writing techniques and tips to help guide a doctoral student through the process of preparing the dissertation. They also help with the legal services in regards to the copyright laws and website design among other supplemental services.

Offering a Great Peace of Mind

Knowing that a dissertation is in the right hands and the editing firm will meet the deadlines and fix any problem that might arise can bring a welcome respite from the pressures associated with finishing up a dissertation.

What to Look for in a Good Dissertation Editing Service

To ensure you get the best dissertation editing service, here are some of the things you need to look at:

The Type – You should look for a service that focuses in academic editing and work with PhDs that have wide experience and knowledgeable with style, mechanics, grammar and formatting.

The Editor’s Qualification – You should pick services that works with editors that have PhD in extensive experience in both writing and editing. They understand both the frustrations and the requirement of that experience and possess the needed skills to proofread and edit a dissertation.

Size – The higher the number of editors a service has, the higher the chances of clients working with editors that are knowledgeable about particular content areas connected to their dissertations.

Safety & Security – To know how they will be able to safeguard the intellectual rights of a client and their personal information, you should check the terms of use and the privacy statements of these services. You should look for logos and names of seals of organizations like VeriSign and Truste, showing use of socket layers, PayPal Verified and other credit card acceptance services.

Guarantees – Professional editors spend most of their time correcting any omissions that might be in the people.


Ethics – A good company must be an ethical one. They should always adhere to the distinction for students.


Communication – Settle for a writing service that will not stop from communicating with the client on a regular basis. This will allow the questions to be handled within the required time.

Technology – Specific information regarding a given file should be offered. They include DOC, rich text, or PDF.

Time – A company that gives a fare estimate regarding the time needed to complete up the assignment is imperative. This would be based on both the complexity and length of the paper.


Accreditation – There are seals, logos and statements that show that a company has been verified or accredited by a reputable agency like the Better Business Bureau. It is also very important to check the reviews that companies of that sort have, especially based on the needed editing service.


A number of students struggle with the dilemma of having to hire a professional dissertation editor. There are a number of reasons for doctoral students to decide whether to hire a professional dissertation editor. As noted earlier, this might have been suggested by a dissertation chair or the candidate is struggling to create the best academic voice. Regardless of the reason behind it, it can prove to be very helpful, and it would greatly steer up the process of finishing up the dissertation within the shortest time possible.


If you are thinking of hiring a dissertation editor, ensure that you get the right one for you, and that can only be possible if you check all the factors mentioned here. There are a number of services that will claim to have the best dissertation editing skills, make sure you approach the whole process the same way you would approach picking a school. Ensure that the service you have picked is reputable, and very importantly, assist you in achieving all your academic goals.









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